Pre-Construction Plan Review & Construction Check

Mechanical Services, LLC works with owners, engineers and contractors to review plans and shop drawings to determine the proper location of air and hydronic balancing devices. An HVAC system can only perform at its best when these devices are properly installed and set. Identifying these locations during the planning process saves owners and contractors time and money and ensures schedules can be met during the test and balance and commissioning process.

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Air and Hydronic Testing, Adjusting & Balancing (TAB)

Testing, adjusting and balancing of a HVAC system is essential for the proper performance of that system and will enhance indoor air quality. In a time of rising energy costs, our team assures that your HVAC system is actually meeting the intent and specification for which it was designed.
Balancing of water and hydronic systems is performed for many of the same reasons as air balancing. Water balancing ensures proper flow of water is occurring from and through piping, valves, coils, pumps etc.

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Service & Replacement

For those times when problems occur with your HVAC system, we will help you evaluate all the facts to decide whether to repair or replace the system. Either way, our licensed professional service technicians will perform the work when you need it and at a competitive price.
Mechanical Services can repair, replace or retrofit all HVAC equipment manufacturers and all system sizes. And we stand behind our work. All repair and replacement service comes with a one-year parts and labor warranty. This is in addition to any manufacturer’s warranty supplied with the equipment.

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